Statement from LineVision on President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Statement from LineVision on President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

LineVision, Inc. CEO Hudson Gilmer issued the following statement on the American Jobs Plan, a $2 Trillion proposal that will include investments to build a more resilient electric transmission system, drive the electrification of vehicles, and accelerate the shift to a carbon-free grid.

“LineVision welcomes the Biden Administration’s comprehensive infrastructure proposal, the American Jobs Plan, which will make critical investments to upgrade our electric grid to address current economic challenges and accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. At LineVision, our company’s mission is to expedite the modernization of the existing power grid to enable a rapid transition to a clean energy economy. We were pleased that President Biden’s infrastructure proposal includes a deep commitment to expanding and modernizing our aged and congested power grid.

If we are to transform how we power our nation in time to curb climate change, we must utilize all available tools to accelerate the integration of renewable energy projects, including optimizing the existing grid. While new transmission is, and must be, a part of any transition, the process of siting and building new transmission lines takes years. American companies like LineVision are world leaders in Grid Enhancing Technologies such as Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR), which can increase the efficiency of our current transmission grid, at less than 5% of the unit cost of new power lines, and can be installed in weeks enabling a move to renewables right now.

 Using Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs) to increase the capacity, flexibility, and resiliency of the grid exemplifies the Biden Administration’s objective of Build Back Better. A recent study has shown that GETs can more than double the renewable generation which can be connected to the grid, saving consumers over $5B per year in energy costs and creating over 300,000 construction jobs.

LineVision is working with several of the country’s leading utilities to integrate DLR and unlock capacity and safely integrate new sources of renewable power on existing power lines. For example, we recently partnered with the US Department of Energy and Xcel Energy to deploy our DLR technology in a region rich with renewable energy projects. The benefits are clear, but we need broader adoption of DLR if we are to truly realize its potential and the potential of wind and solar plants.

We applaud the Biden administration for its leadership on this critically important issue and look forward to working with our country’s leaders to transform our energy infrastructure to address these urgent economic and climate challenges.”

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Colin Mahoney