CIGRE US National Committee 2019 Grid of the Future Symposium: Transmission Line Conductor Asset Health Assessment with Non-Contact Monitoring Technology

Transmission line asset managers are facing increasing challenges associated with aging transmission lines and are tasked with the decisions on how to maintain and replace conductors currently in service. This decision-making process requires reliable long-term and up-to-date information on the state and condition of the conductors but currently, most asset managers lack such information. New remote sensing technology developed by LineVision is able to collect previously unavailable rich datasets of information on transmission line conductors. These datasets enabled the development of an Asset Health Module (AHM) which creates an asset digital twin, integrating both historical and real-time data from the target transmission line in order to compute its baseline Asset Health and detect changes over time. These inputs include high-temperature cycling, extreme sag and blowout forces, galloping events and their intensity, precipitation loads from icing, and other events the conductor experiences during its lifetime which will impact asset health. Without monitoring equipment, many of these damaging events will go unnoticed unless they cause catastrophic failures which can be dangerous, cause forced service interruptions, and take months or years to repair. The Asset Health Module integrates engineering specifications such as the design information collected, as-built, and real-time field measurements obtained via a remote monitoring system. Based on these inputs, an extensive proprietary model determines the operating conditions and the asset health of the transmission line conductor.