About LineVision

15 Years of Experience

LineVision’s team researched, designed, and developed an advanced non-contact sensor platform that continuously monitors the behavior of the transmission system, detects anomalies, and issues real-time alerts on risks, and with Dynamic Line Ratings can safely unlock upwards of 40% additional capacity on our aged and congested power lines – helping utilities adapt to a modern grid powered by sources of renewable power generation. 


Our unique Lidar monitoring technologies provide a data-driven level of real time situational awareness and predictive analysis—helping utilities and other grid participants anticipate potential failures, increase capacity on existing lines, identify the need for proactive replacement, while enhancing reliability and safety.
“Dynamic line ratings, along with broader grid operational changes, could allow new renewables to be interconnected and managed to reduce grid impact…”

– Terron Hill, Director of Asset Development, National Grid
Greentech Media, December, ’20

“LineVision’s Dynamic Line Rating technology has demonstrated results in ensuring a more efficient, modernized power delivery system and better leverages renewable energy resources, saving consumers billions in congestion costs…”

– Nora Mead Brownell, former chairwoman of the board for PG&E

LineVision Partnerships

LineVision is proud to partner with the following organizations to advance our mission of building a cleaner, more reliable and more flexible power grid.

Meet our Team

Our team is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in overhead line monitoring and asset management for critical energy infrastructure worldwide.